Gabinet stomatologiczny Dl-Dent Jasło   Gabinet stomatologiczny Dl-Dent Jasło

Our offer:

Restorative dentistry:

  • preventive oral cavity examination
  • dental prophylaxis
  • endodontic treatment
  • teeth defects treatment

Esthetic dentistry:

  • teeth bleeching
  • change of tooth color and shape
  • all ceramic veneers

Pediatric dentistry:

  • dental prophylaxis (fluorization, sealing, varnishing)
  • teeth defects treatment

Dental prosthetics:

  • all ceramic porcelain crown
  • all ceramic crown
  • all ceramic porcelain bridge
  • all ceramic bridges
  • core inlay and post and core inlay
  • skeletal denture
  • non-clamps skeletal denture
  • partial or full acrylic denture


  • tooth scale removing
  • teeth transfixing
  • teeth splinting