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Who we are?

We work in a team of dental technicians and dentists. Everyone in the company has their own scope of work in which they are specialized. This allows for
performing works at the highest level and with the highest precision.
We are constantly improving our skills and knowledge by participating in trainings, courses and conferences.

More about us

What we mostly do?

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Our recent works

Our core features

Knowledge and experience

We have been prosthetists and dentist for a few generations. Moreover, we attend numerous courses to constantly hone our skills and broaden our knowledge.


We are passionate about dental technology and dentistry. We strive to create a naturally beautiful smile for our patients.

CAD / CAM design

We create prosthetic work designs using the Exocad software.

Quality and precision

We use the best materials to guarantee the highest quality and precision of the work performed. We use machines and products manufactured by the leading brands.

Fast completion times

The procedures for the performance of individual stages of prosthetic work implemented by us improve and shorten the completion time. Check out the details here.

Scanning and printing from STL files

After receiving correctly prepared STL files, we are able to complete orders even within 24 hours


Certificate of participation in the course of designing implant templates in the BlueSkyPlan software.

Blue Sky PlanTomasz Dziedzicki

IPS e.max - the system for all-ceramic work.
Aesthetics. Strength. Versatility.
Principles of tooth tissue reconstruction with the use of ceramic materials.

Competence in All-CeramicsTomasz Dziedzicki

A medical course for dentists and technicians led by lecturers such as: Tetsuji Aoshima, Jungo Endo, Goto Hiroki, Masahiro Nakagawa, Yusuke Ninomiya, Yoshimi Nishimura, Jose-Antonio Pamplona, Shoji Sasaki, Naoto Yuasa.

V Congres CERAMISTS No Limits - FreedomTomasz Dziedzicki

Medical course with lecturers such as: Vincenzo Mutone, Alessandro Iorio, Phil Reddington, Joshua Polansky, Naoto Yuasa, Stefan Petrov, Sofien Riahi, Rafael Andres Santrich, Victor Clavijo oraz Jungo Endo.

III Congres CERAMISTS No Limits - AwakeningTomasz Dziedzicki